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Who is Dr. Joel D. Wallach?



Who is Dr. Joel Wallach?

If you are considering doing “90 for Life” or using other Youngevity products, you may be interested in learning about the founder of the company that created them, Dr. Joel Wallach.


Far more than “just” a scientist, “just” a veterinarian, or even “just” a doctor, Dr. Joel Wallach is a bio-medical pioneer, whose lifelong passion for wellness has defined his 50 plus-year career. His groundbreaking medical and nutritional research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals led to this simple yet profound discovery:all humans require 90 essential nutrients to achieve and maintain optimal health. And he has found a way to share the benefits of this discovery with all who will listen.

As a veterinarian for many years, he learned the incredible value of nutrition in the health of animal life. He was considered a top expert in the field, and was brought in by many large organizations to determine the puzzling causes of sickness or death among their animal populations. He was able to solve many of these issues by applying nutritional therapies.


Dr.  Joel Wallach’s groundbreaking research of the trace mineral selenium and its association to cystic fibrosis [see sidebar] set him on a 20-year path of research surrounding the health benefits of selenium and other trace minerals, and earned him the titles of “The Mineral Doctor,” the “Father of Liquid Mineral Supplementation” and the “Father of Epigenetics.” In 2011, he was awarded the Prestigious Klaus Schwartz Award for his groundbreaking selenium research. This Medal is awarded to pioneers in the field of trace-element research.


He knew that the application of nutritional principles could make the same difference in human life, so in 1980 he went back to school to complete a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the University of Oregon, specializing in the nutritional treatment of cystic fibrosis patients. Upon completion in 1982, Dr. Wallach went into private practice in Cannon Beach, Oregon. His practice became very successful, but he wanted to do more than one provider could do in one practice. He began investigating ways to expand his nutritional reach beyond the doors of his naturopathic practice.


Dr. Joel Wallach and The Birth of Youngevity

In 1997, Dr. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan, MD, MS founded the company known today as Youngevity, based on his pioneering work that proves that nutrition and environmental changes have a profound effect on our overall well-being. He helped expand the definition of wellness, while launching a movement that puts people on a holistic path to better health. Within five years, the company had a growing and powerful international network of distributors and preferred customers with offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Japan. Today, Youngevity has become a network marketing leader providing high-quality, innovative and unique products that benefit health-conscious consumers and business owners.


Publications of Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach is the author of the most famous health lecture in history, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, which has sold over 200 million copies on CD worldwide. He is the author/co-author of more than 70 articles published in peer-reviewed journals covering nutritional and pharmaceutical research. He is the author of or major contributor to fourteen books. His famous textbook Diseases of Exotic Animals is still used today by leading veterinary schools and is on the Smithsonian Institute’s recommended reading list for all Zoological Gardens and Aquariums.


FDA Qualified Health Claims – Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach is dedicated to speaking out for the public’s First Amendment rights to have complete information on the therapeutic benefits of nutrition. His efforts prompted the FDA to establish Qualified Health Claims for selenium (“may reduce the risk of certain cancers”) and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (“may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease”). Only a few Qualified Health Claims exist, placing Youngevity in a unique position among dietary supplement and direct marketing companies.


How Dr. Joel Wallach ’s Findings Can Help YOU

With the help of dedicated scientists, Dr. Joel Wallach created an array of superior nutritional products designed to help people achieve their most healthful life. These products include more than high-quality supplements, also offering scientifically-based sports nutrition and weight management products and nutrition plans specific to your body’s needs.


You can get started by taking this free assessment. While results of the survey are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, you will be given recommendations on Dr. Joel Wallach’s products that may provide nutritional benefit based on your survey responses.

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