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Weight Loss After January

Everyone knows that the most popular New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. January is the most common time for people to buy or begin using gym memberships, vitamin stores have great sales, workout clothing sales spike, and people are all excited about trying AGAIN to lose weight. But by about mid-February or at least by the end of March, the excitement has worn off, commitment has waned, and people have begun to fall back into their old habits feeling defeated — thinking that they will never be able to reach their weight loss goals.

That’s because what they are doing is not working. They are not seeing results! You can’t just eat salad, take a vitamin, and go to the gym — and expect to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Introducing the Youngevity Keto Diet

Youngevity provides an easy way to lose weight, eat foods you love, see results quickly and steadily, and stay on track in your efforts to lose weight. You may be ready to try the Keto diet (or ketogenic diet) — a very low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet that “rewires” your metabolic and energy-seeking systems to look for FAT to burn when energy is needed. You’ve heard the talk, you likely know someone who has had success with the Keto diet. It can be very effective if done with the right nutrition to ensure that your body receives what it needs while you are working toward your weight loss goals.

Watch this brief video to learn the basics about KETOGENIC diets from a doctor.

  • True Keto Shake – Strawberry Crème

    Our Slender FX™ True Keto Strawberry Crème contains the nutrition needed to support a high-fat, low-carb diet in one great-tasting meal replacement shake. True Keto Strawberry Crème delivers an exceptional macronutrient profile that is perfect for a true ketogenic diet. With enough healthy fat from MCT and protein from whole egg powder and low ratio of carbohydrates, this shake delivers the nutrition needed to meet your macronutrient goals. Plus, it includes the necessary vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a low-carb diet to ensure you’re receiving optimal nutrition while on the keto diet.

  • Slender FXTM Keto Caramel™ Bars

    Slender FX™ Keto Caramel™ Weight Management Bars are not only delicious, filling and satisfying, but they also deliver the energy and essential nutrients you need to sail through your low-carb diet with maximum comfort. Whether yours is a low-carb or reduced-carb diet, the greatest challenge is to find the enjoyable foods that fill you up, give you energy and taste great, without the carbs that can ruin your diet. These delicious bars will help replenish the nutrients your body needs in order to stay energized and healthy through the metabolic changes of low-carb dieting. Each box includes 10 Bars.

  • Keto Power UpTM

    Keto Power Up™ is an all-natural blend of metabolism- boosting nutrients that supports healthy energy levels as a part of a healthy diet. This energy-boosting formula supplies you with a healthy dose of caffeine and a proprietary blend of botanicals to power you up!

This Pak includes: (1) Slender FX™ Keto Caramel Weight Management Bar box (10 bars), (1) Slender FX™ TrueKeto Strawberry Crème Shake canister, (1) Slender FX™ Keto Power Up™ bottle (60 capsules), (1) Ultimate Mineral Caps™ bottle (64 capsules). See individual products for details and ingredient labels.

With recipes, meal plans, food lists, support, and other resources available for you as you start your Keto journey, isn’t it time you did something that will bring results? Get going on your Keto weight loss journey today!