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i26 Hyperimmune Egg

i26 Hyperimmune Egg – What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

i26 hyperimmune egg

Hyperimmune Egg is an egg that comes from a hen vaccinated against certain infectious diseases. The hen develops certain antibodies that boost the immune system to fight specific diseases covered by the vaccination. The hen’s antibodies are passed into her eggs.

Concentrated proteins are extracted from the eggs and used to treat diseases found in people.

Hyperimmune egg is used to treat high cholesterol, infectious
diarrhea, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis caused by rotavirus. It is also used to improve oral health and for general stimulation of the immune system.

Research and Development of i26 Hyperimmune Egg

Following 30 years and over $50 million in research and development, Youngevity began offering premium i26 Hyperimmune Egg to improve user’s health and balance their immune systems.

Watch the 3-minute video below to see the basics of how i26 helps your body.

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In double-blind studies all over the world (including Kenya, India, South Africa and the United States), every study showed an increase in the quality of life of those being studied. It also had very positive affects on the immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. It improved cholesterol levels and in many cases alleviated pain associated with arthritis and regular daily activities.

There was even a sports performance study that resulted in athletes experiencing higher levels of performance with less stress on their hearts and cardiovascular systems while using i26 Hyperimmune Egg.

Ready to Begin Using i26 Hyperimmune Egg?

i26 hyperimmune egg capsules
i26 hyperimmune egg powder canister
i26 Hyperimmune egg banana chewables
i26 hyperimmune egg French vanilla chewables

Youngevity’s i26 Hyperimmune Egg is offered in capsules, powder, and french vanilla or banana-flavored chewables with immune properties that provide a “buffet for your immune system.” By using the elements required to equalize immune functions, i26 hyperimmune egg powder provides your body with what it needs to balance itself out. This creates true harmony between the systems your body depends on.