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Top 12 Worst Foods & Why You Must Avoid Them


Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the 12 Worst Foods and why you should avoid them if you want optimum health. Did you know that you shouldn’t eat crispy baked potato skins? Or that well-done meat can be bad for you? How about drinking carbonated beverages with a meal? While some of the items on this list may surprise you, learn the specific reasons that the body functions best when these items are eliminated from the diet. Your healthier diet can create better functioning health systems.

Did you know a lack of nutrition can often cause weight gain? The body can go into patterns of binge eating in an attempt to receive enough nutrition. So once you’ve cut out the things you should NOT eat, it is important to eat healthy foods and supplement our intake with the 90 essential vitamins and minerals that will provide a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and EFAs. Since chronic diseases are directly related to nutrition deficiencies, it is vital to eat the foods that will ensure your digestive system functions at its best — so it can send ongoing fuel to the rest of the bodily systems.


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